Transaction returns & disputes

by Nicolas Zouein

How do I dispute a transaction on my account?

It's not uncommon for transaction disputes to be the result of a misunderstanding. Before contacting your vendor or the ArzMall team to raise a transaction dispute, please take a moment to consider the following scenarios and whether they apply to your individual situation:

I did not authorise the transaction / I do not recognise the company name on my statement

Many companies use different trading and merchant names to identify their stores. This is especially prevalent for online merchants. If you do not recognise a merchant description on your statement, a quick internet search or phone call to the company may help clarify the nature of the goods or services they provide.

If your account has supplementary holders, be sure to check whether they could have made the purchase(s) in question.

Finally, it's a good idea to think back to the date and dollar amount, as this may prompt your memory. If you use a calendar or diary, check what you were doing on the day of the transaction (include dates either side, as it's not uncommon for there to be a delay from when you make a purchase, to when it shows on your account).

The goods received are not as described

Check the merchant's return policy. This policy should be clearly displayed in-store or on the sales voucher.

Obtain a detailed description of the return policy from the vendor before placing your order.

The goods or services are not received/rendered

Double check the expected date of delivery, as you are unable to initiate a transaction dispute if this date has not yet passed.

The transaction amount on my statement differs from my receipt

Contact us immediately.

I do not remember making a purchase on the date reflected in my statement

As with scenario one, think back to the date and dollar amount to help prompt your memory. If there are any supplementary holders on your account, be sure to check with them.

Finally, it's not uncommon for there to be a delay from when you make a purchase, to when it shows on your account. Please consider purchases you may have made a few days either side of the transaction date on your statement.

If you have considered the above scenarios and are still questioning one or more transactions on your account, please call us immediately so we can investigate the issue and if required, block your account to prevent further unauthorised purchases.


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